Problems fixed or made in WWE 2K14 since WWE 13

In the 4-6 months i’ve had WWE 2k14 I have found some issuses that were in the previous games that have been fixed in this edition.

One out of many of them is the freezing of the game, mainly in story mode. In WWE 13 when i tried to make a story somtimes the game would freeze, so I would have to turn the playsation completley off and on again, therefore whatever I had not saved would be lost. in this game it has only glitched once. So I have been able to complete more stories.

But I have also found some new faults in WWE 2k14. In the create an arena mode in WWE 13, if you wanted to put an image/logo somwhere you could make it as big as you want, even if the logo goes outside the area therefore showing only a bit of the logo, or even have it big enough to just cover the hole area. For example:

WWE 13:


The two flags on each side. At first they started off as just white blank walls. Then you put the logo on (the flag) to cover the whole area.

WWE 2k14:

imagesCA10AQ2Y imagesCAL5GJT7

The image on the right (or on the bottom) is an original wwe 2k14 arena. See how the logo on the side of the ring (the apron) is streached out to almost all of the area. Thats not the case for the one on the left witch is a created arena. See the logo on the apron of that one. That is as big as it will get.

This is a problem for the ring, the stage… well, anywhere you can put a logo, witch of course limits the creativness somone can have in making an arena, seeing the fact that some of wwe’s real life arenas that people may want to recreate only shows a little of the actual image, or even covering the whole wall/apron, you probably wont understand much of this if you are not a not a WWE fan so if you have any questions, fell free to ask.


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  1. Well, technology is only as useful as the person using it. If they decide not to put in the effort of full and controlled customization, that’s purely because they’re either lazy or just can’t.

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